Great mobile internet deal

I’ve just ordered a mobile internet dongle from 3, through a very good offer I discovered through Martyn Lewis’s Money Saving Expert site.

The dongle (currently being advertised elsewhere for £50) is free, and the monthly rate is half the normal price: 

1Gb per month is £5 monthly

5GB per month is £7.50 monthly

You have to get the deal through the web cashback site Quidco.  You don’t have to join Quidco, but if you do you get further cashback (£12.50 for the 5Gb offer).

1Gb deal

5Gb deal

2 thoughts on “Great mobile internet deal

  1. It’s a decent deal, I got a half price deal (as a had just bought a 3 mobile phone) and free USB dongle a few months back.

    Half price then was £7.50 for 3GB a month.

    The 3G is fairly good reception wise. Occasional drop out when in the suburbs (or my mom and dads house in Solihull). Lately it’s had a fair amount of use in the centre of Birmingham and it’s fine there.

    By the way, nice meeting you today!

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