Can we restore someone’s faith in human nature?

I’m putting this on my blog so that I can link to it from Twitter. I hope you can help.

Yesterday (Wednesday 18 Dec) I saw an incident at an ATM in Birmingham town centre. A young woman had taken some cash out, but several notes were caught by the wind. She managed to retrieve all but one – which was snaffled by a young lad who promptly ran off with it.

Fortunately I was on my bike, so I was able to catch up with the scally and persuade him to hand the twenty over. But by the time I got back to the ATM, the lady had disappeared. I asked around, and rang the emergency number, but to no avail.

So… can we share this far and wide? If it gets to the rightful owner, all she has to do is get in touch (my contact details are on this page) with the location of the ATM and I’ll arrange to get the money to her.

I suppose £20 isn’t that much nowadays, but I know that something like this can be unsettling, so more than anything I’d just like her to know that not everyone is like the chancer who scarpered with her cash.

Thanks all!

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