The Archers Year of Food and Farming – A Christmas reading

For the December extract from The Archers Year of Food and Farming, I’ve gone the full Jackanory and actually read a passage. I’ve tried to conjure up the magic of Christmas as seen through a child’s eyes (in this case Pip’s daughter Rosie). I do hope you enjoy it.

If this whets your appetite, you can buy The Archers Year of Food and Farming as a hardback or ebook through all booksellers. If you’d like to buy online, could you consider using Hive, which supports local bookshops.

You can read other extracts from the book on this blog under The Archers tag.

And do let me know what you think of the book – or these snippets –  by leaving a comment here or on Twitter: @keridavies 


2 thoughts on “The Archers Year of Food and Farming – A Christmas reading

  1. Hello, I love the Archers and obviously some of your scripts too! I have been going through a turgid neighbour dispute with a farmer and after writing the chronology down for the police and court for injunction, I realised it would make a great storyline for the Archers. How can I share it with you? the writers? assist on writing it? Sorry to just post this on your comments… been trying to find a ‘way in’ to the script writers… thank you for reading, best wishes Lara

  2. Hello Lara. Your best bet is to drop a line to Jeremy Howe, Editor, The Archers, BBC, Mailbox, Birmingham B30 2XF.

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