Parents’ not-really-an-evening

Tonight I went to what was desribed as a “parents’ evening” at my youngest son’s school.  I say tonight, but the so-called “evening” started at 3.30pm and finished at 6.00pm.

I’d guess that most people  would describe that as an afternoon.  Doesn’t the evening actually start about 6.00pm, not end then?

Don’t get me wrong.  My father was a teacher and I have several friends who are teachers.  I know how hard they work. On more than one occasion I’ve known a teacher go home after an evening out, to carry on with their marking while I was happy to get home and crash into bed.

But when they schedule an event so that most working parents will have to take time off work to get there, and then call it an “evening”, it does rather play into the hands of those who reckon that teachers normally clock off about 4.00pm

Just a suggestion – why not call it a parents’ review meeting instead?  Or maybe you can come up with a better suggestion.