The man who taught me to DJ

I was reading an article in yesterday’s Guardian about makers of “How To” videos who have a big following on YouTube, and a name jumped out at me.

When I started getting interested in DJ-ing about ten years ago, I could find very little guidance on the web about the practical skills involved.  But I eventually found one fount of knowledge, on the site of a Scottish film-editor-by-day-DJ-by-night who went under the name of DJ Recess.

I printed out dozens of pages of advice.  They were my bible as I practised the new (to me) skills of beat matching and mixing. And then, as I started to play professionally, I forgot all about him, because that’s the sort of ungrateful guy I am.

Well, he still has his site.  It looks a bit fancier and it’s garlanded with videos now, which you can also see on his YouTube channel.

And he’s written a book: DJ-ing For Dummies, which was published last year and has an Amazon sales rank of 6,374.  I’m pleased to see that all the free effort he put in to helping people like me had some financial payback for him.

And I’ve discovered his real name:  John Steventon.  So let me take this opportunity to say: thanks, John.

DJ Recess website

DJ Recess YouTube channel