Overheard in New York City

(Madison Avenue guy) “…she had a smokin’ body…”

(Girl in pink hotpants) “…and he was like, ‘yeah’…”

(Wall St type) “…the whole world has gone topsy-turvy in the last two weeks…”

(Waiter, when asked for a Calvados):  “…a what?  Oh, a Cal-VA-dose.  Tomahto, tomayto…”

(Guy outside brownstone in shorts, 10pm):  “I swear the last four tenants never cleaned.  Ever…”

(Middle-aged lady at Metroplitan Opera House): “They’re screwing the middle classes!  They’ve been screwing us for years!”

(Driver):  “…the fuck you doin’?!…”

(Black sneaker store salesman, to white, middle-aged, besuited customer): “Hey pimp, whassup?” (followed by a ghetto handshake)

(Young hipster, of a band): “They’re totally righteous.”