Who the hell is Keri Davies?

I’m a writer.

I mainly work for BBC Radio 4’s drama serial The Archers.  I used to be the show’s senior producer and since 2003 I’ve been a scriptwriter.

Until 2015, I ran the official website for the show. In the past, I hosted its message board and I wrote ten editions of an annual pocket guide: Who’s Who in The Archers.

In 2019, I wrote a proper book with hard covers and everything: The Archers Year of Food and Farming.

Away from writing, it’s mainly music. I sing, and play drums and percussion, and dabble with keyboards and harmonica. I used to work professionally as a DJ, but now it’s just the occasional friend’s party.

I love dancing. All sorts.

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Personal Stuff

I’m Welsh, but grew up in Wiltshire and have been a happy resident of the fine city of Birmingham, UK since 1991.

I have three sons:

  • The eldest works in higher education administration. He graduated in Japanese from Leeds University in 2012.  His blog tells about his experiences in Japan.
  • The middle one is a keen member of the Festival Arts drama group.
  • The youngest used to play Daniel Hebden Lloyd in The Archers. He went on to an MA in Acting at Mountview drama school and is pursuing an acting career.

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